IndyWise for Startup and SMEs

Internships are the opportunity for students to experience work in the “real world,” which might turn into an exciting and terrifying experience. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused several people to cancel their plans, including student internships. Students are unsure about how to proceed or what to do now that their internship plans have been halted. Thankfully, more and more doors are opening up for them as time goes on.

Digital internships, luckily, are opening up more and more options for them!

IndyWise, A unified upskilling platform connecting Mentors, Mentees, and Startups through AI-powered matchmaking and driving them with Performance Analytics and Skills Verification.

Generally, startup founders and hiring managers follow traditional methods of hiring interns for their open positions which include posting an social media job advertisement, job board website posting, and other online boards. This comes with several cumbersome processes such as screening a huge number of applications and their management, followed by interviews, and then finally startups land into their required interns. This recruitment process is followed by mostly all early-stage startups and as per our market survey, they all worried about one common problem and that is “TIME” & “ MONEY” invested in this sourcing process. Also, Founders need to invest a whole lot of time mentoring and upskilling hired interns according to business and different KPIs which again demand founder time making the productivity lower. Well, here comes theMentored Internship as a new normal

IndyWise “Mentored Internship” is a groundbreaking global reskilling and upskilling program designed for the eradication of STARTUP and SMEs resource crunch problems. We help start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises source remote interns and work on live business projects with companies worldwide. And we also assign a mentor so that you achieve desired success, Because having a job should be a right, not a privilege. IndyWise helps startups to source mentored interns at a most affordable cost making them save huge sourcing cost which is 5X lower than a local unpaid internship. These Mentored Interns will help you to deliver your work and product faster, all with the augmentation of the IndyWise platform which provides performance analytics and deep KPIs analysis. Moreover, IndyWise enables 75% of the founders’ time, which is worth thousands of dollars.

In a Nutshell, let us see what value proposition IndyWise providing to innovative and early-stage startups and SMEs:

  1. Recruitment Solution- Get Mentored Interns tailored to your needs in just 7–10 days. You don’t need to spend time on a job posting, screening, and interviewing.
  2. Most Affordable. Get mentored interns who are paired with a dedicated mentor with 5X cheaper compensation than a local unpaid internship.
  3. Keep Focused. You will save up to 75% of your time, which is worth tens of thousands of dollars. IndyWise means that you, as a founder, can concentrate on other essential tasks and not think about the interns’ training and job delivery.

Remote and digital internships are more popular than ever before in today’s digital world. With the danger of a pandemic looming, many startups are now considering moving most internship activities online. If you plan to operate remotely or not, the ultimate objective should be to improve your company’s productivity.

If you are looking for Interns for start-ups and small enterprises, go to IndyWise. Realizing the shifting workplace, we have committed ourselves to offer mentored interns online. With reduced barriers and diversity and inclusion celebrated, students from all over the world can now enjoy internships at the comfort of their homes with the help of technology. Experience the best sourcing partners today — reach us for more information!