The top 10 HR Interview questions

Hey! We expect that you are prepared to excel in your forthcoming job interview but if not, then you should not feel anxious about potential questions of HR round, IndyWise is right here to be the next rescuer that will assist you in curating victory.

The chief reason for uneasiness in front of the HRs is the thought of being judged by the strange people so it is always needed to organize and prepare yourself for the interview to respond to questions quickly that HR generally asks. Since some of the questions are so ordinary in every field, recruitment managers expect straightforward and accurate answers from applicants. They want to judge your personality in the initial screening phase of 7–10 minutes but sometimes you stop in between due to the lack of preparedness.

Here, we are bringing together all possible HR questions that will help you to tackle the situation when you sit in a cabin for the personal round of interview. The purpose of these common questions for HR is to ascertain the candidates’ basic skills and interest for the position and to elucidate points in the CV.

Tell us about yourself: It is very much probable that this will be the first question in your interview. You should be ready to talk about yourself and why you are a proper fit for the role. At this moment, you are supposed to speak the best of your knowledge without exhibiting excessive pride in your achievements.

What was the most challenging part of your life? How did you succeed in dealing with that difficulty?: This question drags most of the candidates in a dilemma because they cannot figure out what challenges they have faced in their lives and can’t sort out a situation that’s valuable enough to narrate. Since it’s all about recalling a real event, you must work on it.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?: They want to test your soft skills through this question and then you will be in a trap if you have not given a thought to them. If you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, do not give a straight answer, go back to your past and unfold those storylines in which your strength had resulted in a fruitful outcome and how your weakness forced you to find the positive part out of your deficiency, how you dealt with the situation. Never say you have no flaws as nobody is perfect.

Why should we select you?: HR wants to know here how can you deliver exceptional results. You should explain here about your skills and experience and how can you project out from other people in the crowd.

Why are you looking for a job at our company?: You must read about the company before appearing for an interview, taking some figures and facts you can explain how much are you convinced with the strategies of the company. Do not forget to relate your objectives with the company’s goals.

What is your broader career goal?: You can talk about your career prospects, how much you want to grow, and how much you will be sticking to your area of interest.

How competent are you to handle the pressure?: Be honest here and discuss your capabilities and describe how good are you in stress management. For example, you can say I like to work in a challenging environment and try to react positively in unsatisfactory situations.

Why did you leave your last job?: You can talk about a re-evaluation of your goals that motivated you to grow more and due to this reason, you decided that a change is needed for good career prospects.

What is your salary expectation?: Be very practical at this point, stick to the salary you want if you consider yourself experienced enough to have that much. If you are a fresher, you can say, we can talk about this later if you think I am a good candidate for the role.

Do you have any questions?: It can be the case where HR asking you this question to know how eager you are to know about the company. Depending on the interview, you can ask questions related to the role.

These are some of the basic HR questions that anyone should be prepared with for the interview. IndyWise wishes you All the Best !

We know you will do awesome in your interview.



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